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Hi, my name is Nic and I always wanted to be a film director. From the day my dad took me to the cinema to see Raiders of the Lost Ark, I decided THAT was what I was going to be, no questions asked. Then a funny thing happened.

I found that I was drawn to the images within film, and realised that was where my true passion lay. So, with the help of a cousin, I got my first unpaid gig on an ABC drama series called Wildside. From there, I went on to become a loader, then a focus puller, camera operator, steadicam operator, and finally a Director of Photography.

I love my job. The way a subtle change in lighting, in camera movement, lens choice, can vastly change the mood and tone of a scene. It is this love that has led me to video clips, commercials and narrative drama, where i always strive for new and creative challenges.


© 2018 Nicholas Owens

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